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Rock collection

In recent times, scientists have discovered extraordinary rocks all around the world that can give inhumane powers. Our website gives you details on the following things: the powers the rock provides, where it can be found and any other quirks it might have. Presently only 8 rocks have been discovered, each one holding different powers.


The Ergo. This was the first rock discovered by scientists in 2010. It is also the most popular and easiest to find from the whole list. The ergo is in Eastern Iceland, where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates split. Scientist understand the rock was hidden underground and when the tectonic plates split, the ergo was shifted to the surface. Ergo has the ability to grow any type of crop in any location within a month.

Purple Heart

This rock is much rarer, with only 3 purple hearts found to date. Located in Northern Norway near the city of Nesna. This rock appears once every 10 years when their beaches mysteriously turn black. The locals say it’s the blood of a witch washing up on shore. Scientist have discovered that this rock has the power to cure any type of disease.


Located in various areas around the arctic circle. This turquoise rock glows when in contact with humans. The shifter allows someone to travel anywhere in the world in a second. Scientist in Monash University are currently studying if it can shift someone across time and space.


The most legendary rock from the list; found in various locations around the Pacific Ocean. This rock can only be found when there is a shark swimming around it. This makes it very challenging to extract, as scientist need to be able to dive at depths of 12,000 feet and then try and fight off a shark. Currently over 20 divers have died from extracting this rock. Jaws is assumed to give someone immortality. Although, since it was discovered in 2013 it’s still too early to confirm.

Romeo & Juliet

The only rocks that requires 2 rocks to work. When 2 matching pairs of Romeo & Juliet are found, it provides 2 people with eternal love for each other. Finding the pairs are close to impossible as they’re never together. Romeo & Juliet can be found scattered around the base of the Swiss alps.

The metropolitan

This rock might look easy to find as it’s located in the beautiful CBD of Melbourne. However, this rock has only been seen once. Scientist are still figuring out where in the CBD it appears and why it’s so rare. The rock is found to freeze time, allowing people to get around the busy city without being late.


Once every 10 years the Kohala volcano has snow at its peak. This is the only time the transformer rock appears. The rock got its name from being able to transform any person into the shape of someone else. It is also the most expensive rock on this list as it’s in very high demand with celebrities. The highest it was sold for was to Leonardo DiCaprio for $4.8 million.


The final rock on the list was discovered by a 13-year-old when he went on holiday to the great barrier reef. Unfortunately, he didn’t know how to swim and almost drowned in the middle of the sea. Miraculously, he managed to grab the rock which gave him the powers to breathe underwater and save his life. Ever since then the rock was never seen again, making scientist question if it even exists.